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Grilled shrimp on a skewer with other vegetables

Our Products 

Our goal at Iterro is to provide all-natural, clean shrimp products that are free of impurities. It’s time for a new standard in food safety, and it’s time that you know where your shrimp come from. It’s also time to take a holistic approach to aquaculture by utilizing the entire shrimp, from the shrimp itself to the shells and tails. By doing so, we can ensure our process is both sustainable and effective.



The same technology that helps create the perfect habitat for our shrimp to thrive also enables the constant collection of shrimp molts. These, along with all other outputs, are then turned into various high-quality materials used across a variety of industries.



trū Shrimp is a US-based company that produces superior-quality shrimp that are traceable, sustainable and antibiotic free.


trū Chitosan sources superior raw material from trū Shrimp to develop chitosan, a sought-after product for medical professionals and scientists alike.


trū Protein is a high-protein, low-fat, pathogen-free pet ingredient protein made from 100% raw shrimp.

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