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Our Story 

Located in the heart of Minnesota, Iterro is the first company to validate true commercial-scale, shallow-water indoor shrimp farming technology in the United States. We have developed and employed patented, land-based shrimp aquaculture technology to produce superior-quality shrimp that are traceable, sustainable and antibiotic-free. In addition to shrimp, we also produce trū Chitosan and trū Protein, both of which are made from trū Shrimp material. By combining disruptive aquaculture technologies and operational expertise, our company is making a shift in market paradigms to redefine shrimp, chitosan and pet ingredients markets worldwide.

The trū Shrimp Story


Collectively known as Tidal Basin™ technology, we grow shrimp in a controlled habitat that recreates the natural ocean currents, focusing on reducing stress and creating an environment where shrimp can thrive.


Our goal at Iterro is to provide all-natural, clean shrimp products that are free of impurities. It’s time for a new standard in food safety, and it’s time that you know where your shrimp come from. It’s also time to take a holistic approach to aquaculture by utilizing the entire shrimp, from the shrimp itself to the shells and tails. By doing so, we can ensure our process is both sustainable and effective.


trū Shrimp is a US-based company that produces superior-quality shrimp that are traceable, sustainable and antibiotic free.


trū Chitosan sources superior raw material from trū Shrimp to develop chitosan, a sought-after product for medical professionals and scientists alike.


trū Protein is a high-protein, low-fat, pathogen-free pet ingredient protein made from 100% raw shrimp.

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