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See what's happening in the shrimp industry or check the Press Room to see how trū Shrimp is helping solve the problem.

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Federal bill designed to help Minnesota seafood industry

March 2020 // Lakeland Broadcasting

With a growing population and an ever-increasing demand for seafood, it is clear that as of right now, the United States does not produce enough seafood to meet domestic demand. Expanding aquaculture in the United States has the potential to create new jobs, high-quality foods, and new markets for agricultural products like soybeans.


Why are antibiotic residues in farmed shrimp a big deal?

November 2019 // Global Aquaculture Alliance

The last 50 years has seen global aquaculture production grow rapidly with most reliable estimates putting total output in 2019 at close to or exceeding the levels that are “hunted (fished),” in the range of 100 million metric tons (MT) per year. This transition from a fishery to a farmed product has brought with it many of the challenges that face terrestrial agriculture as well as some that are uniquely aquatic.

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What are we supposed to think about shrimp?

October 2019 // The New York Times

A cloud hangs over the shrimp industry with questions about labor practices and sustainability. But with new technology, businesses like Trū Shrimp are improving land-based water recirculating systems to raise shrimp sustainably in tanks, without using antibiotics, and without the carbon footprint.

Fishing Boat

The sea is running out of fish despite nations’ pledges to stop it

October 2019 // MSN

As global fish stocks that feed hundreds of millions of people dwindle, nations are scrambling to finalize by year’s end an international agreement to ban government subsidies that fuel overfishing.


FDA ramps up refusals of shrimp with salmonella

October 2019 // Perishable News

For September, the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) reported that 6 out of the 75 (8.0%) total seafood entry line refusals were of shrimp for reasons related to banned antibiotics. 


Climate change will make seafood scarcer and will change the taste of our favorite species

September 2019 // New Food Economy

New research shows shrimp can lose their flavor when ocean chemistry shifts.

Shrimp Skewers

Chinese ban threatens Ecuadorian shrimp industry’s growth plans

October 2019 // Undercurrent News
TA suspension of shrimp imports from five Ecuadorian companies is a source of worry for the Latin American country's industry. 

Image by Jerry Shen

Publix revamps seafood labels to call out sustainability

October 2019 // Seafood Source

Publix Super Markets, one of the largest grocery chains in the United States, recently revamped labeling that calls out its sustainable fresh and frozen seafood products.

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