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A new beginning.

When we first launched The trū Shrimp Companies, we knew we had a big idea that could transform how the world cultivates shrimp. Since then, we’ve defied conventional aquaculture processes, demonstrated the viability of our technology and disrupted market segments across verticals as diverse as biopolymer formulation, nutritional sciences—and, of course, consumer seafood. But at this point, calling ourselves a “shrimp company” just doesn’t capture everything we do.


Moving forward, The trū Shrimp Companies will be known simply as Iterro.
Our new name is a combination of the Latin words for renew (iterum) and earth (terra), which speaks to the heart of our broader mission: to make a significant impact on both our global food supply and our local communities. Don’t worry, you’ll still see our trū passion reflected in each of our products as we grow. But now, they’re all aligned under a name that can grow alongside us.

Innovative Technology

Recognized for ESG by various external partners, our Tidal Basin™ technology allows us to grow shrimp safely, in a controlled environment, while reducing the amount of space needed. Keeping sustainability and innovation at the forefront of our operation is vital to fulfilling our goal of minimizing our impact on Earth’s resources.


trū Shrimp is a US-based company that produces superior-quality, sustainable shrimp that are traceable and antibiotic free.


trū Chitosan sources superior raw material from trū Shrimp to develop chitosan, a sought-after product for medical professionals and scientists alike.


trū Protein is a high-protein, low-fat, pathogen-free pet food and treat ingredient protein made from 100% raw shrimp.

This Just In

September 2023

Iterro has announced today that its Board of Directors has appointed Brian Knochenmus to lead the company as President & CEO in addition to his current role as chairman of the board. Knochenmus will be tasked with achieving Iterro's next milestone of launching a commercial-scale production facility in Madison, SD.


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